If you’re  starting a new blog or looking to give your existing blog a fresh new look, then the chances are you’re looking to create a brand new logo. Part of creating a new logo is finding the perfect font. And, with the vast amount of beautiful fonts available, you’re certainly spoilt for choice.  In this post, we share with you our top ten best fonts for logos found on Creative Market.

1. Pretty Pen

Pretty Pen is a handwritten font with a slanted touch. This makes it natural and pleasant, and with its original hand-drawn look, this font is perfect for your blog’s new logo and is our number one in our list of best fonts For logos.

2. Brooklyn

Its stunning style makes Brooklyn an excellent choice for fashion and lifestyle blogs. A top tip for this font is to apply a little letter spacing; this gives Brooklyn an ultra-modern look and feel. Brooklyn is an all-caps sans serif font that comes in two weights.

3. Manhatten

Manhattan is an all-caps font with a classy style. Sleek lines and beautifully thin serifs make it perfect for your blog’s new logo.

4. Money Penny

Money Penny is a free-flowing brush script with just the right amount of san serif. With its sophisticated style, Money Penney is a beautiful choice for your blog’s logo.

5. Naïve Inline

Included with this handwritten font are three weights and five different interior patterns, which can be used to create a truly unique combination for a great blog logo.

6. Quincy

With plenty of weights and styles to choose from, Quincy is not only a fantastic choice for your blog’s logo but also for your blog’s headings and paragraphs. Quincy is a pleasant font that has a timeless style.

7. Madelyn

With its calligraphy pen style, Madelyn is perfect for conveying individuality and style. Madelyn is a handwritten script font that has an organic handwriting style. This font is great for any personal or lifestyle blog.

8. Styled Up

With its unique hand-brushed style, Styled Up is an excellent choice for your new blog logo. Styled Up is a modern calligraphy font perfect for portraying a personal touch.

9. Saturday

Wonderfully casual with a care-free style is a great way to describe Saturday. With different styles to choose from, Saturday boasts a unique look that makes it an excellent choice for any bloggers logo.

10. Malisia

A gentle script font with a natural feel, Malisia is a beautiful font choice for anyone looking to create a feminine blog logo. Malisia will make a stunning logo that will make your blog stand out.

If you have been inspired by any of the beautiful fonts above, please be sure to let us know in the comments below.