Today we’re excited to be introducing Super Simple Recipes - a WordPress recipe card plugin that we think gets it just right. With Super Simple Recipes, you can quickly create beautiful and engaging recipe cards to add to your posts or pages, perfect for sharing your recipes with your readers.

Easily Create Beautifully Engaging Recipe Cards

Super Simple Recipes is all about keeping the creation of beautiful recipe cards engaging and straightforward while providing all the functionally and options needed. Delight your readers with beautifully laid out and concise recipe cards that automatically inherit the fonts and colours used in your current theme, ensuring design consistency.

Position Anywhere

Choose to display your recipes anywhere in your posts or on pages with a simple recipe shortcode. We have also included an additional ‘jump to recipe’ shortcode button if you wish to display your recipe card at the bottom of your post or page, saving your users from lots of scrolling!

Featured Images

Super Simple Recipes allows each recipe card to have a featured image of its own, separate from the post or page featured image. Whats more, the recipe featured image can be displayed in five different ways.

  • Default
  • Default Round
  • Large
  • Large Round
  • Banner

Additionally, you can add as many images as you want to the method part of your recipe!


Using a five-star rating system, Super Simple Recipes allows your users to rate your recipes with ease. Each recipe card displays its score with a beautiful five-star rating icon. And if you do not wish to use ratings you can disable the use of them.

Informative Recipes

Make your recipe cards as informative as you like - add in details for the difficulty level, preparation and cook times, nutritional values, number of serves and special dietary requirements. Where there is a field that doesn’t require to be filled in, your recipe card will also adapt accordingly.

Mobile Friendly

Looking good, no matter the device, is something Super Simple Recipes does well. Your recipe cards have been designed and optimised to be fully responsive, adapting to different screen sizes and resolutions - perfect for your readers to enjoy your recipes while on the go!

We believe Super Simple Recipes should be your next recipe card plugin, be sure to check it out here at Mojo Marketplace and here at Creative Market.